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Maccabi LIFE

Our Wellbeing Platform

Created in 2019 by Maccabi Australia, Maccabi LIFE is a community initiative developed to create sustainable health change by promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through education, eventing and unstructured activity.

Its goal is to pioneer health and well-being solutions and pursue new opportunities outside of our Sports programme to enrich the physical and mental literacy and health of our Jewish community.

The Maccabi LIFE Wellbeing platform considers your “whole-being” across five key pillars - Physical, Social, Emotional, Financial, and Career. It contains relevant articles, podcasts, webinars, online exercise programs and a health tracker.
  • Over 352 recipes – and many for the Jewish Festivals

  • 327 articles relating to physical wellness

  • 226 articles to read for emotional wellbeing

  • 74 pieces of content about social wellness

  • 49 interesting perspectives on financial tips

There are also plenty of on-demand workouts, recipes, and meditations to add to your daily routine!

Every month presents new content across the five pillars, bringing experts on board to deliver the most up-to-date, relevant wellbeing content, that will keep you engaged and inspired.

Maccabi New Zealand is very excited to be offering the Maccabi LIFE Wellbeing Platform to our own community very soon.​ Make sure you follow our socials for the launch.

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